Handmade 99.9% silver charcoal texture infinity wrap ring (R0050)


This unique statement ring is a part of our “charcoal collection” that originates from our experiment to create alternative textures on silver surface.

The traditional ways to create various textures on Karen hill tribe silver are normally achieved through hammering, etching with stone, chiseling and embossing with metal stamps. This new texture in the charcoal collection, on the contrary, was created by pouring molten silver into a concave side of a half-cut bamboo stem that has been pre-burnt to create a beautiful charcoal texture. We thus obtained new, modern, elegant silver jewelry that can be produced simply, with limited tools and by using local sustainable material.
We used pure silver (99.9%) without any other metals that are usually used to make silver more durable. This gives the earrings a unique texture, feel and weight.

All our products are crafted by Thai Karen hill-tribe artisans in Northern Thailand.

Every piece is handmade and individual. This is a very unique piece and has to be treated with great care as pure silver doesn’t have same characteristics as industrially produced silver.
In the same collection we also created a bracelet, earrings and a pendant necklace.

We will send the ring in a traditional Thai packaging with tracking number for safer shipping.

PLEASE LET US KNOW THE SIZE OF THE RING WHEN ORDERING. It is wise to consider at least half size more than the usual size given the wide bang of the design of this ring.

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