Handmade silver atom-shape drop earrings (E0193)


These handmade silver earrings are a part of our latest “Galileo” collection, inspired by Galilei’s astronomy studies. There are three variations of dangle earrings as well as two necklaces that form this collection.
The wire spheres are created from 2mm thick silver wire, that were curved and soldered to create the shape of a wire-sphere. A smaller sphere is enclosed within the bigger one and they are both placed on a long silver stem that hangs on a long-end sterling silver hook. The spheres can spin around the “axis” if touched; they are made of 95% silver, typically used by Thai Karen silversmiths.

Length: 50 mm without the hook
Size of the sphere: 21 x 23 mm
Weight: 12 g


Additional information

Dimensions 11 x 11 mm


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