Leather bracelet with silver square beads (B0067A)


This bracelet consists in handmade silver square-profile tube bead, textured on surface with various techniques before being folded into the final shape. It is applied on a round-profile dark or light brown faux-leather string that closes with a simple handmade silver conical shape hook. There is also 4cm long sterling silver chain attached to the hook that allows for length adjustment.

The silver tube piece was made of a 1.5 mm thick silver strip, that was passed into rolling mill together with sand paper so that it left a beautifully embossed texture on one side of the surface of silver. The other half was etched with the so-called “cat-fur” scratching technique, typical of the Thai Karen silversmiths.

You can choose this bracelet with either dark or light leather bracelet. There is also a version with two smaller beads (B0067A), as well as a matching necklace (N0097A).

Length of the bracelet: 17-21cm
Pendants are about 4 cm x 0.8 cm

Additional information

Dimensions 170 mm


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