Open silver bangle (etched texture) – large (B0064)


This handmade silver bangle is made from half-round silver wire profile. The wire that we used is 3.5 mm thick, full profile, and 6mm wide and is etched on the outer surface with the so-called “cat-fur scratch” technique that is often used by the Thai Karen silversmiths. Its simplicity, etched surface and its weight make it a classy, stand-out kind of piece. We also made a slightly thinner, “female” version (half the width and half the weight), that looks very nice when combined or as a couple bracelet.
It can fit most wrists as it is slightly adjustable.

All our silver products are created in 95-98% Silver which is typical of the Thai Karen hill-tribe artisans, who have been using traditional tools and techniques for centuries. The Karen are a group of ethnic peoples who reside primarily in southern and southeastern Burma and in northern and north-eastern Thailand. Thai and Burmese hill tribes can be traced back to the 12th century when they are said to have originated from Tibet.
With a higher silver content than sterling silver, Karen silver has a weight, bright satin color and feel, all of its own. Every piece is handmade and individual.

The bracelet comes with a traditional Thai package that can be a lovely gift or just simply jewelry storage. We send all our packages with tracking number for safer shipping.

Widest point of the bangle 62mm, height 50mm
Thickness of silver wire 3.5mm, width of the wire 6mm
Weight: 21.42 g

Additional information

Dimensions 62 × 50 mm